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Scowl Shop has been creating handcrafted wooden jewelry in a tiny town in Vermont since 2012.  All of our pieces are shaped and assembled entirely by hand, beginning with a pattern hand drawn on the wood, each piece is guaranteed to be unique and special to you.

We use both local and exotic woods from Vermont Applewood to Tropical Purple Heart. The wood is treated with Danish Oil to preserve and protect its natural color and texture.

NOTE: The pieces you receive may not match the photo exactly. Each piece is shaped by hand, and slight differences may occur.

Style: Kelsie

This style is named after a glorious woman, a beautiful friend that is always in my heart.

Wood: Black Walnut

Metal: Golden Copper

Measurements: 1.75″ x 2.5″


  1. Anonymous

    I had the pleasure of knowing and loving Kelsie. These earrings are absolutely beautiful and are an extraordinary tribute to an extraordinary person. I could not be more proud to wear these gorgeous pieces in her honor. We all miss you, Kelsie.

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