We are a small business located in the heart of the Northeast Kindgdom of Vermont. Affectionately dubbed “the NEK.” Scowl Shop was founded by me, Melissa Fortuna, I am a work at home mom who got my start in the woodworking field building spinning wheels at a local shop called The Merlin Tree.  Each day we would craft things from local and exotic woods; there were always unused scraps of some of the most beautiful woods in the world being tossed into the kindling pile.  No longer… I decided to make jewelry with these scraps so they would not go to waste, at first I just gave them as gifts, then I was asked to sell them in the local store… and then the rest.

We now obtain our wood from many local wood shops and craftsmen, wood that is too small to be used elsewhere now has a home in our shop.  We are always working on new designs and finding new woods to use for our old favorite styles.  Check out our store to see the latest pieces available for purchase.  Thank you for checking out our small business, happy scowling!!


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