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Scowl Shop has been a beloved presence, creating handcrafted wooden jewelry, in a tiny town in Vermont since 2012.  All of our pieces are shaped and assembled entirely by hand, beginning with a pattern hand drawn on the wood, so each piece is guaranteed to be unique and special to you.

We use both local and exotic woods from Vermont Applewood to Tropical Purple Heart. The wood is treated with Danish Oil to preserve and protect its natural color and texture.

All metals are German Copper unless otherwise specified.

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Style: Double Crescent

Wood:  Douglas Fir & Redheart

Metal: Silver Plated

Measurements: 0.75″ x 1.5″


This wood can vary in color based upon age and location of the tree.  Usually a light brown color with dark growth rings.  Grain is generally straight or slightly wavy.  It is named after a Scottish botanist, David Douglas and is technically not a true Fir but is in its own genus.


This wood, generally native to South America, can vary in color from a light pinkish orange to an intense reddish brown. The grain has a fine, even texture with a slight luster in its natural state.


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